Video – Freemasonry: The Journey Begins


The Journey Begins   ← watch the video


Your interest in commencing a Masonic Journey should begin with the above video filmed at the Freemasons’ Hall where Aurora Lodge No.165 meets. This 20-minute presentation will answer many of your questions!  Once you have launched the video, clicking on the lower-right corner will give a full-screen presentation for more comfortable viewing. Enjoy!


For more information please read a short article below, entitled “The Ideal of a freemason”. It was written over a hundred years ago and sums up much of what attracts some men to Freemasonry. Keep in mind that this is an ideal. This is a goal that some freemasons may fall short of, but they all have committed themselves to a path that leads to this ideal. We do not consider ourselves superior, but we do hold ourselves to high standards.


For more information on Freemasonry the following articles may interest you:
Aims and Relationships of the Craft
Responding to our Critics
Freemasonry and Religion
A simple charge to the fraternity – Benjamin  Franklin


For a list of the local lodges that you can contact please click here → Freemasonry in Victoria .