Six Step Program


     The Master Mason Certificate   


In the past most who approached Freemasonry came well recommended by another Freemason. They were either a family member, a long-time friend or workmate and some Freemason could vouch as to their character. Today’s world is different and many contact us via the internet or by telephone; there is little or no personal relationship, we know absolutely nothing about them, and it is not possible for any Freemason to recommend anyone under these circumstances.

Nowadays we use a six step approach which is a mix of questions we ask of you, clarifications of questions you might have about Freemasonry, some homework that is going to be assigned to you, and social events to be attended by you.


We have to point out that we are not salesmen pursuing the hard sell, but Freemasons gauging, on our part, your suitability as a candidate, and assessing whether masonry is for you.