How Often We Meet 

Aurora Lodge No. 165 meets the fourth Thursday of every month, except December (3rd Friday) and July and August.

The lodge tyles at 7:00 PM. We always welcome Masonic visitors.

The Lodge normally hosts a Festive Board after regular meetings. Masonic visitors are especially encouraged to share Aurora Lodge No. 165’s Festive Board fellowship! Men who have not yet become Freemasons and are considering joining the craft are also welcome; all that it takes is to be invited by an  Aurora Lodge member, or to contact the Lodge Secretary and he’ll arrange for a member to extend the invitation!

First-time Masonic visitors to Aurora Lodge No. 165 should always come either with a Freemason known to the Lodge who can vouch for their status, or be prepared to present their credentials (and allow sufficient time for an examination, if deemed necessary).