The seal of the Grand Lodge of B.C. and Yukon


Masonry offers the opportunity to make each man better through its teachings, his Masonic associations and a philosophy that has served the social needs of men for centuries. When you become a Mason, you become part of an ancient tradition that spans centuries. From the original stonemasons that produced some of the most majestic architectural wonders of Europe to modern day Masons who participate in numerous charitable foundations, you’ll feel connected to a vital, growing and spiritually uplifting organization of moral men.


One of the most valuable benefits that is secured by being a Freemason is the unlimited opportunity to make deep and abiding friendships. Working with other good men on worthy projects has a way of developing into close friendly relations with a feeling of mutual respect for one another. You know that in case of need you can speak safely in confidence with a brother Mason. The friendships that you develop through can enriched your life and save you from the boredom.


Freemasonry is a selective organization and not everyone is accepted as a member. The mere fact that an application for membership has been filed indicates a desire to belong to something and to be associated with something worthwhile. He may not recognize this intangible element but he is seeking to “belong” to a worthwhile organization and to make his contribution to the work of the group.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your hometown, Germany, Israel, Australia….wherever you are, they’re there and they’ll treat you like the family member that you are. Without question you will have the opportunity to experience camaraderie and fellowship with a group of men across the boundaries of age, race, religion, culture, and opinion.

Personal Development

For those interested in intellectual pursuits the contact with Masonic philosophy and history, with all the complete information about the Craft. Many find great value and knowledge in our ritual ceremony — it uses symbolism and metaphors to encourage and remind us to appreciate principles, ethics, and morality, and to live our lives accordingly. Others find great satisfaction in our charitable efforts, community service, and the support we provide our members and their families. Finally, for those who take on leadership positions within their lodge, they have the chance to develop or further very practical management skills. This will also provide you with a great sense of accomplishment.

These attributes are summarized in the tenets of Freemasonry: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. If these values address your needs, Masonry welcomes you.